5 Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to Handle campus sexual assault Texas

Being charged with sexual assault can change your life irrevocably. This is especially true for those who are charged with sexual assault, or related crimes, while they’re college students. Such a verdict establishes your reputation early on, and curtails many of the opportunities you might otherwise have available. It can alter the course of your life in ways that are anything but positive.

The good news is that college students who are accused of serious crimes are still entitled to a vigorous defense. Here are a few benefits to hiring an attorney to handle campus sexual assault in Texas.

Why Hire a Campus Sexual Assault Lawyer?

1) A  campus sexual assault attorney may be able to have the charges dropped completely.

While campus sexual assault is taken seriously, there are occasions where charges can be dropped. For example, what if the student making the claims against you has a checkered past of their own, or has previously made claims that were found to be fraudulent? Or, what if the police made a procedural error that invalidates the case? A campus crime attorney can help investigate these possibilities on your behalf.

2) A campus crime attorney can help represent you before disciplinary boards.

Even before you start thinking about criminal penalties, it’s important to consider the implications of a collegiate disciplinary board. Without the right representation, you could be expelled from school, which can have a damaging effect on your entire future. A campus sexual assault lawyer will have ample experience handling cases before school boards and committees and will be ready to represent your best interests.

3) A campus crimes attorney expert can help you get a good deal.

In some cases, it may not be possible to have the charges against you dropped completely. However, you may be able to negotiate down to a much lighter sentence, or even to charges that won’t be reflected on your permanent record. In order for this to happen, you’ll need the assistance of someone with intimate knowledge of the legal system, and ideally someone with strong relationships with local prosecutors. Seek a qualified student defense lawyer in Texas.

4) A campus sexual assault lawyer will be mindful of your reputation.

Campus sexual assault crimes are unique in the way they can derail your reputation forever, whether you’re innocent or guilty. The way your case is handled should always prioritize confidentiality and sensitivity. An attorney who has experience representing students will be attuned to some of these reputational needs.

5) A student defense lawyer will walk you through a difficult season.

Being accused of a sexual crime can be wrenching. You’ll understandably feel a cocktail of emotions, including worry, fear, and anger. You’ll want someone by your side who can walk you through the legal process, provide encouragement when needed, and shoot straight with you about some of the potential outcomes. A student defense lawyer in Texas will be able to give you both the legal and emotional support needed, both by you and your family members.

Learn More About Hiring a Campus Sexual Assault Lawyer

The penalties for campus sexual assault can be severe. The last thing you want is to face them by yourself. It’s imperative that, if you’re ever accused of a crime like this, you hire a student defense lawyer in Texas.

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