5 Important Questions To Ask Your Domestic Violence Attorney

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Being charged with any kind of violent offense is highly serious. The legal repercussions could have a profound effect on the rest of your life. In order to prove your innocence, or at the very least keep charges to a minimum, it’s critical to hire a domestic violence attorney who can represent you in court.

Something else that’s important is maintaining an open dialogue with your violent crimes attorney. This helps ensure that you understand the defense being mounted on your behalf, and that the attorney has access to any information that might exonerate you.

So what can you do to keep these lines of communication open? It all starts with a willingness to ask the right questions. Here are a few particular questions you should ask of your violent crime lawyer.

What to Ask Your Violent Crimes Attorney

1) What Are the Possible Outcomes for My Case?

Your attorney can’t predict the future, and it’s unreasonable for you to expect them to. Ultimately, your fate is in the hands of a judge or jury. With that said, your lawyer should be able to examine the charges, study precedent, and give you a range of possible outcomes. This can help you prepare for the best-case and worst-case scenarios and give you some clarity about where things might be headed.

2) What Kind of Defense Will You Make on My Behalf?

There are a number of possible defenses for violent crimes charges, and your lawyer should be able to determine which defense makes the most sense for you. You have a right to know what that defense is, and particularly to know whether you’re being portrayed as innocent, as wrongfully accused, as the subject of false arrest, etc. You may not have a legal background, but you should still know which line of defense is being taken.

3) What’s the Timeline?

Violent charges typically aren’t resolved overnight. You may have a number of court appearances to make before there’s an outcome to the trial, and in some cases it may take many months. Often, it’s the waiting that’s the hardest part, but your violent crime lawyer should be willing to give you some sense of the timeline.

4) What Can I Do to Help?

It’s up to your attorney to develop a strategy and to mount a defense on your behalf. With that said, there may be some things you can do to help your case. This may be as simple as abstaining from posting on social media while the trial unfolds. Be sure to ask your attorney what role you can play in your own defense.

5) What About My Spouse/kids?

One of the most challenging aspects of a domestic violence case is that it can impede your ability to see the people you love the most. Restraining orders and custody battles are common in domestic violence cases, but you may have some legal avenues for seeing those who are closest to you. Ask your lawyer what they recommend.

Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in TX

These are just some of the things we’d recommend asking as you work with a domestic violence defense attorney. But the important thing is that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable communicating, and someone who is willing to give you straight, transparent answers.

As you stare down a domestic violence charge, it’s important to have the right legal ally. To hire a domestic violence attorney in TX, we welcome you to contact Davis-Jones Law at your next convenience. Reach out whenever you need us.

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