5 Reasons You Need A Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 21, 2019

When you’re charged with a crime you know you didn’t commit—or when you earnestly feel like the allegations have been significantly trumped up and exaggerated—you might assume things will just work themselves out. That’s not always the case, however, and assuming as much can really backfire.

That’s especially true of sex crimes. These allegations are taken more and more seriously, and if you just assume your good name will be cleared, you may end up facing severe criminal penalties.

You’ve got to take every possible step to mounting a robust defense, and that means hiring a sexual assault defense attorney.

Why Hire a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer?

You Need Legal Expertise

One reason you need to hire a sex crime defense lawyer? You need someone with real expertise.

You may know that you’re innocent, but you probably don’t know a lot about sexual assault case law. You definitely don’t know the kinds of arguments that can help you exonerate your name or have the charged dropped.

That familiarity with sexual assault case law is vital for proving to the judge and jury what you already know—namely, that the charges are erroneous or exaggerated.

You Need Careful Case Analysis

Another reason to hire a seasoned sex crimes attorney? You need someone who knows how to thoroughly review your case and determine the best course of action.

Specifically, you need someone who has the ability to review the prosecution’s case against you, and to make a reasonable determination about how best to move forward.

Should you move to have the case dismissed? Should you try to settle out of court? Should you seek full exoneration in the courtroom? The only way to know for sure is to have a careful legal analysis of the charges and evidence being brought against you.

You May Be Able to Have the Charges Dropped

Even if you’re ultimately found completely innocent, going on trial for sex crimes can be highly discouraging—and it can sully your reputation.

Sometimes, there may be no alternative. But many sex crime cases can actually be dropped, especially if the charges have not been brought in the proper way.

The only way you’re going to be able to have the charges dismissed, however, is to consult with a seasoned attorney who knows how the local court works and who can make the right arguments on your behalf.

You Can Potentially Have Certain Evidence Thrown Out

We see this all the time in sex crime cases.

For example, say you were charged with seeking sex with minors on the Web… but the only “minor” you contacted was an undercover police officer. Evidence obtained in this manner isn’t always legally admissible, and it may be possible to have certain pieces of evidence thrown out altogether.

A seasoned sex crime defense attorney can help you have key pieces of the prosecution’s evidence discarded, potentially dismantling their entire case against you.

You May Be Able to Get the Charges Reduced

What happens in cases where you actually did commit a crime—and there’s just no way to get out of it?

Just because you’re found guilty, that doesn’t mean you have to bear the full weight of the law. In fact, you can often argue for the judge to considerably reduce the penalties. You may even be able to avoid doing any jail time and/or being listed among the Austin sex offenders.

But again, you’ll only achieve this outcome if you have a good lawyer who knows what kind of plea to make on your behalf.

Get Help Defending Yourself Against Sex Crime Charges

The potential consequences for a sexual assault can be extreme, and may include registry with Austin sex offenders. Don’t leave any of it to chance; get a criminal defense attorney who can help you clear your good name.

Our Austin criminal defense lawyers have ample experience representing those accused of sexual assault. We’re ready to hear your case and help you move forward. Learn more by contacting Davis-Jones Law today.