5 Things The Right Austin DWI Lawyer Can Do That You Can't

Davis-Jones Law April 14, 2020

Getting charged with a DWI is serious business. The criminal penalties can be significant and may even result in you having your license suspended. In some cases, a DWI can lead to prison time. The long-term impact on your personal and professional life can also be highly consequential.

That’s what makes it so important to defend yourself against the charges, having your criminal penalties either mediated or dropped altogether. To do this, we recommend hiring a DWI lawyer in Austin, TX. The right Austin DWI lawyer can help you out in a number of ways, doing things you wouldn’t be able to do for yourself.

Here are a few examples.

What Can an Austin DWI Attorney Do for You?

1) Your lawyer will advise you on when to keep quiet.

When you’ve been charged with a serious crime, it may be tempting to rush to your own defense. This is especially true if you know that you are innocent or believe that the police have mishandled the situation.

But sometimes, speaking out will backfire. It may wind up in you being grilled by the police or by the prosecution. An Austin DWI attorney will counsel you on when it’s best to keep quiet.

2) Your Austin DWI lawyer will know the local court system.

Chances are, you don’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge about how the local court system works. You don’t know much about the judges. You don’t have relationships with prosecutors.

But a skilled, local DWI attorney does… and they can use that knowledge to help you get the best deal or make the right choices about your criminal defense.

3) Your lawyer will keep up with important dates and deadlines.

You might be amazed at how much paperwork is involved in the DUI defense process. And if you are too late to file any of this paperwork, it could compromise your case.

For example, maybe you’d like a chance to review dash cam footage from the car that picked you up. You can often obtain this footage, but you have to file a request for it in a certain timeframe. If you’re late, you’ll miss the chance to review a critical piece of evidence.

Keeping up with these deadlines can be overwhelming, but a seasoned defense attorney will be able to assist you.

4) A DUI defense attorney can help you negotiate with the prosecution.

Sometimes your best option is a plea bargain, or negotiating for public service in lieu of jail time.

To achieve these outcomes, it’s critical that you establish trust and goodwill with the prosecutor; that’s hard to do if you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with the prosecutor.

Again, this is where it can pay off to work with an established DUI defense attorney in Austin.

5) An attorney can help you expunge the conviction.

One more thing: Having a DWI conviction on your record can impact your future employment opportunities, your financial life, and more.

Often, an attorney can help you get this conviction expunged. That’s something you probably can’t do for yourself.

Learn More About Working with a DUI Defense Attorney in Austin

There are a number of ways in which working with an established DUI/DWI lawyer can help your case.

Davis-Jones Law is one of the Austin area’s most trusted names in criminal defense. With a long track record of representing DWI cases, David-Jones Law is here to guide you through this arduous process.

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