5 Things A Violence Attorney Can Do For You

Davis-Jones Law May 20, 2020

Crimes that are violent in nature are taken especially seriously; our legal system is designed to protect the general public from anyone who’s perceived to be a threat, an abuser, or a violent perpetrator. If you’re accused of a violent crime, then, the stakes are high, and the potential consequences enormous.

The last thing you want is to face this daunting reality on your own. A violent crimes attorney will be able to represent you, mount a vigorous defense, and hopefully get those serious charges either thrown out or significantly reduced.

Indeed, there are a number of ways in which a violence attorney can help you.

What Can a Violent Crime Lawyer Do for You?

1) A violent crime attorney can thoroughly investigate the case on your behalf.

Most of the time, cases related to violence or assault have a lot of physical components to consider, including bodily injuries, physical evidence left at the scene of the crime, and more.

The key to winning your case may be locked somewhere in that evidence; through thorough investigation, a skilled attorney will gain a more accurate picture of what really happened. This may yield information that exonerates you, or at least sheds some doubt on the case being brought against you.

2) A skilled attorney can find flaws in the case being made against you.

Sometimes, the best way to clear your name is to prove that there are contradictions in the case being brought against you.

Along the same lines, you can often have the charges dropped by proving that there was something fraudulent or invalid in the way the police gathered evidence against you.

A skilled violent crime lawyer will have expertise in identifying these flaws, contradictions, or instances of fraudulent evidence collection.

3) A lawyer will be good at cross-examining witnesses.

You can bet that the prosecution will call witnesses to testify against you. But what if those witnesses come across as uncertain, unreliable, or even dishonest?

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will be good at cross-examining in a way that causes these witnesses to look questionable. This can sometimes be all it takes to render a more favorable verdict on your behalf, or perhaps even to cause the entire case brought against you to collapse.

4) A violent crime lawyer in Austin will help line up witnesses to testify in your favor.

It’s one thing to discredit the witnesses brought forward by the prosecution. And yet, it may be even more helpful if you can produce expert witnesses who can review the available evidence and testify on your behalf. Their findings may help to invalidate the case against you.

A good violent crime lawyer will know how to make this happen.

5) A seasoned, experienced criminal defense lawyer will advise you on pleas and offers.

Sometimes, you may seek to prove your innocence and avoid legal penalty altogether.

But in other cases, the wiser approach might be to accept a deal that the prosecution puts forward… one in which you plead guilty and agree to significantly reduced sentencing.

A skilled lawyer will be able to advise you on when each of these options is most advantageous.

Hire a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Austin, TX

The bottom line is that, if you’re ever charged with a violent offense, you’ll need expert assistance to clear your name. And that’s something the Davis-Jones Law Firm can provide.

We’re pleased to be a top violent crime lawyer in Austin, and we’re always here to consider the details of your case. Reach out to us at any time.