7 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Davis-Jones Law April 21, 2020

Few things are more frightening than getting charged with a criminal offense. You may feel overwhelmed by the thought of a prolonged legal process. You may also be afraid of the potential consequences, and long-term implications for your personal life, your professional life, and your reputation.

To face these charges, it’s best to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Seek someone with whom you feel comfortable communicating. In particular, you might ask the following seven questions to make sure you and your criminal defense attorney are on the same page.

What to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

1) Are you Board Certified in Criminal Law?

Start with some basic credentials. If you find an attorney who is Board Certified in Criminal Law, it means you’re working with a lawyer who is truly an expert. This is someone who knows criminal law, and has worked on criminal cases in the past. This is a great way of ascertaining that your attorney has the expertise and the experience you need.

2) How many jury trials have you worked on?

If your case goes to trial, you’ll want to make sure you have an attorney who knows how to work within a courtroom.

3) Do you have an area of specialization?

Austin criminal defense lawyers come in different varieties, and in some instances, you may want to work with a specialist. For example, what if you’ve been charged with domestic violence? Be sure you’re working with a domestic violence attorney. Likewise, if you’re facing a drug-related charge, be sure to find a good Austin drug lawyer.

4) Who will be working on my case?

Lawyers often have full teams to assist them, and that’s just fine. At the end of the day, though, you deserve to know who’s going to be showing up to defend you in the courtroom. Ask about who’s going to be doing the lion’s share of the work, who’s going to be showing up when it counts, and who you should call when you have a question or a concern.

5) How long have you been practicing law in Austin?

Local experience matters. Seasoned and experienced Austin criminal defense lawyers will know local statutes. They’ll be aware of the different reputations of local judges. They’ll even have relationships with prosecutors. All of this can benefit you in your case.

6) What are the best and worst case outcomes for my case?

A lawyer can’t be expected to predict the future. However, you should look for an attorney who’s willing to shoot straight with you, as well as someone who can walk you through potential outcomes and help you prepare for all eventualities.

7) How will I pay you… and when?

Don’t hesitate to hash out payment terms before you hire a lawyer. Ask if the lawyer charges on an hourly basis or on a more inclusive basis. Also confirm when payment is due, and whether you’ll be charged even if the case is lost.

Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, the last thing you want is to face the rigors of the justice system all on your own. Make sure you hire the legal defender your case requires, whether that’s a domestic violence attorney, DWI attorney, etc.

Davis-Jones Law is one of the top criminal defense firms in Austin. We’re here to provide you with our expertise, and to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to our legal team to talk about your criminal case.