7 Reasons You Need to Hire a Sexual Defense Lawyer

Davis-Jones Law Feb. 4, 2020

Sex crimes are treated with the utmost seriousness. If convicted of such a crime, you could face consequences that are with you for the rest of your life, including not only criminal penalties, but the collapse of your reputation.

That’s what makes it so important to find a sex crimes lawyer who can offer a robust defense on your behalf, clearing your name or at the very least mitigating the charges.

If you’ve been accused of crimes that are sexual in nature, we’d urge you to seek a law firm that can rally behind you. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Why Hire a Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer?

1) A sexual defense lawyer will know the court system.

The court system is complicated, and for an outsider it may seem absolutely daunting. You’ll inevitably have questions about the process, the timeline, the nature of your charges, the range of possible defenses, and the potential outcomes of the case. Only an experienced attorney can guide you forward.

2) A sex offense lawyer will know local prosecutors.

This may not seem like a big deal; after all, does it really matter that your attorney is on friendly terms with prosecutors? Actually, it does matter, because it means your lawyer will be in a better position to negotiate a good plea deal or a lower bail amount. The last thing you want is an attorney whose relationship with the prosecution is combative or tumultuous.

3) You’ll need an attorney who has dealt with cases like yours.

If you’re arrested for something like rape, sexual assault, or the possession of child pornography, it’s only natural that you would want an attorney who’s worked (and won) similar cases in the past. A car accident attorney or business litigator just won’t do! Instead, make sure you find a truly experienced sex crimes defense lawyer who has defended clients facing charges similar to yours.

4) A good attorney will help you obtain the best outcome.

If anything about your arrest has been shady (for example, if there was anything unorthodox about how the police gathered evidence against you), a seasoned attorney will be able to identify the issue and potentially have the case completely thrown out. If not, a good lawyer will be able to negotiate down the charges, significantly reducing the legal fallout.

5) A sexual defense lawyer can save you money.

It’s true! While you will need to pay legal fees, a good lawyer may be able to prevent you from going to jail, losing your job, and/or risking your professional licensing, which means their services can be invaluable to your overall financial standing.

6) A sex offense lawyer can help safeguard your reputation.

Nobody likes being accused of crimes, but sex crimes are especially embarrassing… and even if you’re found innocent, the allegations alone can have a corrosive effect on your reputation. A good attorney may be able to contain the damage and prevent you from losing your good standing in the world.

7) A qualified attorney will provide emotional support.

In addition to legal implications, sexual accusations can also take a toll on your emotional life. Having a tried-and-tested legal champion can help bolster your spirits and lift your hopes, even when your defense becomes arduous.

As you can tell, there are a number of reasons why it’s smart to hire a team of sex offense lawyers if you’re ever accused of misconduct. To speak with an attorney from Davis-Jones Law, we welcome you to reach out to us at your convenience.