Campus Sexual Violence Is Prosecuted Aggressively

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 3, 2020

Sexual violence is pervasive on college campuses. Recent reports have revealed that nearly 20 percent of female undergraduates at The University of Texas at Austin and 15 percent at Texas A&M University* have endured some form of sexual assault. The numbers are similar at schools throughout the state.

As the issue of campus rape has gained media attention nationwide, schools across the country have increased their efforts to prevent such crimes from occurring — and punish them severely when they do. Offenders face criminal charges as well as academic discipline. In many cases, colleges penalize students more severely than the legal system, expelling individuals even after an acquittal.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Charges?

Every incident of campus sexual assault should be taken seriously. Yet these matters are rarely clear cut. The majority of cases involve excessive amounts of alcohol or other drugs, and parsing issues such as consent and intent can be difficult. In order to protect yourself against criminal allegations and maintain your academic standing, it is essential to find a knowledgeable attorney who can effectively present your story in court and in front of institutional boards.

In such matters, Davis-Jones Law can assist. Based in Austin, we have provided students throughout central Texas with aggressive defense representation for more than a decade. We understand that your reputation, your academic career and your future professional pursuits are on the line. With this in mind, we fight hard to protect your interests and your rights.

Legal Protection When Your Future Goals Are In Jeopardy

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