Designed Synthetic Drugs Are Not Legal In Texas

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 27, 2018

Ever since the federal government made certain drugs illegal, people have been trying to find a way around those laws. Frankly, the prohibition of drugs doesn’t seem to work much better than the prohibition of alcohol did. Instead, it has given rise to a massive unregulated market in which people can still buy all sorts of prohibited substances. It also motivated some people to create newer drugs to avoid criminal laws around the well-known ones.

Some people who wish to experiment with drugs, however, don’t want to break the law. These people can turn to any substance they think may have an impact, so long as it is legally sold. The recent rise in popularity of designer, synthetic drugs perfectly highlights the dangers of prohibiting substances for which there is great demand. Unscrupulous businesses have found a way to market products similar to banned drugs with rousing commercial success. Consumers often pay the price for these drugs.

No Matter What a Company Calls It, That Synthetic Drug Is Still Illegal

In order to sell substances that might duplicate or imitate the effects of banned drugs legally, companies had to get creative. After all, federal law prohibits selling any substance intended to duplicate the effects of a banded drug. The easiest way to sidestep this regulation was to sell these analogous chemicals under different names.

All of them typically come with labels that decry the product as not for human consumption. The packaging may seem harmless enough, with names like herbal incense or watch cleaner. The contents of these packages are often untested chemicals that can have a powerful effect on the human body.

Despite claims that these are legal products, many of these companies do their best to avoid implicating themselves in the sale or delivery of synthetic drugs. Anyone caught using or buying these drugs, particularly through the mail, could face serious criminal consequences. Some people have died from using herbal incense or other synthetic drugs.

Texas Doesn’t Take Kindly to People Sidestepping Drug Laws

One of the reasons the synthetic drugs became popular so quickly is that consumers perceive them as legal products. They thought that they could possess and use them without criminal consequences. Some people also thought that because you could purchase these items over the internet or in a retail store, it meant the product was safer.

In reality, as these chemicals are sold not for human consumption, there is no testing performed. There is no standardized dosage. In many cases, the active substance may be illegal in Texas or in other states as well.

People who purchase these drugs could end up in serious legal trouble if they get caught in possession of a synthetic drug. If you or someone you know has been buying or using these popular designer drugs, now may be a good time to inform yourself about the real risks involved with these products.