Do I Qualify for An Expungement?

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 3, 2020

Society does not treat convicts kindly. Individuals with criminal records face major obstacles when it comes to finding a job, keeping a professional license, securing a loan, renting or owning a home, maintaining custody of their children, applying to college and other related activities. Such impediments make it difficult simply to live life.

Davis-Jones Law can assist. As a full-service criminal defense firm, we have provided legal support to individuals in Austin and throughout Central Texas since 2002. In this time, we have become adept at helping individuals seek expungements and nondisclosure orders — that is, we help them effectively erase their criminal records and make life a little easier.

What Is An Expungement?

An expungement places one's criminal record under seal. The record is, for most purposes, erased. Prospective employers and landlords are unable to access it; it will not show up in public records inspections or background searches.

Yet obtaining an expungement is not easy. The criteria for eligibility are extremely limited. Typically, expungements are available to individuals whose cases were ultimately dismissed, or to students and minors convicted of certain misdemeanors.

What If I Don't Qualify?

Individuals who aren't eligible for an expungement still have legal options to conceal their criminal records. Namely, many qualify for deferred adjudication. Essentially, this is a form of probation. The probation term is served, however,before the court issues its final verdict. As long as the probation is successfully completed, then the criminal charges will be dismissed. From there, individuals can petition for a nondisclosure order, which removes one's criminal record from the public record.

DWI and related offenses are not eligible for deferred adjudication, but most other crimes are. The judge, in determining whether to grant a deferral, will consider a number of factors such as the severity of the crime and an individual's criminal history. This is where an attorney can be important. Namely, an experienced lawyer can help build a strong case for your receiving a deferred adjudication.

Expungement Eligibility

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