How Can A Drug Crime Defense Attorney Help In A Drug Possession Case

Davis-Jones Law June 12, 2019

If illegal substances are found on your possession, or even on your property—for instance, in your vehicle—it can spell legal peril. Just because you’re caught with drugs doesn’t mean your legal fate is a foregone conclusion, however. Mounting a vigorous defense is possible, and in some cases it may help you evade criminal penalty. The key is to make sure you have sufficient representation from a skilled drug possession defense attorney.

How can a drug possession lawyer actually help you, though?

How Can a Drug Defense Lawyer Help?

There are actually a number of possible ways in which your drug possession lawyer might defend you.

Unwitting Possession

One possible defense is that drug possession was unwitting. In other words, your lawyer can argue that yes, you had drugs in your possession, but you weren’t aware of it. This may sound like a stretch, but there are many examples of how this defense might yield results. For example, if a courier gives you a package, and that package happens to contain drugs without you knowing it, you could make an unwitting possession claim.

Lack of Possession

This one may sound counter-intuitive. How can you claim that you had a lack of possession while being charged with possession? Again, it happens more often than you might think. Two possible examples:

  • You own a house but rent it out to someone else, and the drugs belong to your renter.

  • Your car is pulled over and drugs are found, but there are three other people in the vehicle and the drugs belong to one of them.

Your drug defense lawyer can help you make an effective and credible lack of possession argument.

Police Abuse

Something else your defense attorney might try to prove is that you were the subject to some inappropriate police activity. Again, there are different forms this can take, such as:

  • The police actually planted the drugs themselves.

  • You were the victim of entrapment.

  • The police search and seizure was illegal.

These are serious charges to make, but if there is sufficient evidence, your attorney can use this defense to have the charges dismissed.

Working with an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

It’s important to note that trying to mount any of these defenses on your own is exceedingly risky. It’s always best to have an experienced attorney who knows the local courts and local judges well and understands how to make these arguments in a way that is persuasive.

Indeed, a good Austin criminal defense lawyer will be able to hear your case and make an informed recommendation about which of these defenses is your best option—the one most likely to have your name cleared and your charges thrown out.

If you’re seeking a criminal drug lawyer in Austin, call Davis-Jones Law. Here you’ll find a drug possession attorney who can consult on your case and give you the aggressive but informed representation you need.

We do not condone drug use, and of course, we do not condone drug-related crime; see our previous post about how using study drugs can be dangerous for college students. But we do believe everyone has the right to a robust legal defense. Contact our Austin attorneys to learn more.