How To Find The Best Sex Crime Attorney To Handle Your Case

Davis-Jones Law June 26, 2019

Being accused of any sort of sex crime is a grave matter—one that could potentially lead to lifelong legal consequences. No matter the nature of the accusations, however, everyone is entitled to a fair trial, where their story can be heard and their name potentially cleared. Given the severity of sex crime allegations, you don’t want to go to trial without making exhaustive preparation; the best way to do so is to find the best sex crime attorney in Austin who can represent your defense.

But what should you look for in a sex crime defense lawyer? Not all attorneys are created equal, so doing your due diligence is key.

Finding a Sex Offense Attorney in Austin

Find a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in sex crimes. First of all, always be sure you find a specialist. You’ll run into a lot of lawyers who say they specialize in “all crimes,” but that level of generalization isn’t necessarily going to help you. Sex crimes are incredibly complicated, and you want someone who has real experience navigating those technicalities. As you interview potential firms, always ask about their experience handling sex offender cases.

Ask for a referral. Do you have another attorney who you have hired or retained on another matter? If so, you can always ask them for a referral, as they may have a sex crime defense lawyer they can recommend. To protect yourself, don’t go into the full details of what happened or who has accused you. Instead, simply state that you have been accused of a sex crime and need to find a sex offense attorney to represent you.

Spend some time reviewing the firm’s website before you call them. If you’ve been accused of a sex offense, you’re naturally going to feel a little nervous and will want to connect with a good attorney right away. Try to refrain from dialing up the first criminal lawyer for sex offenders that you come across, though. Instead, take a minute to review their website and judge for yourself how credible they seem. Does their website list some of their work in sex crime defense? And when’s the last time it was actually updated?

Ask how your case will be handled. As you meet with an attorney and tell them your story, you should always ask for their initial thoughts on how they will handle the case—that is, what kind of defense they will mount on your behalf. If you don’t get a straight answer or don’t feel confident about what you’re told, don’t hesitate to seek a different firm.

Listen to your gut. Finally, don’t hesitate to follow your gut instincts, and to put stock in first impressions. Quite frankly, the person you hire is going to be someone you work with closely, and someone whose legal skills could determine the course of the rest of your life. If you have a bad feeling about someone, that’s reason enough to look for a different attorney.

Find a Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offenders

Being accused of a sex crime is nothing to take lightly, but neither is it cause for panic. By finding the right attorney, you can state your case, lay out exonerating evidence, and potentially clear your name.

Finding the right legal expert is critical, though. If you’re in Austin, give us a call at Davis-Jones Law. We have ample experience representing those accused of sex crimes, and we are happy to discuss your case or answer any questions you may have about us. Contact our Austin sex crimes lawyer to talk about any kind of sex crime accusations, including online sex crime.

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