Importance of Hiring a Domestic Violence Lawyer

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 7, 2019

Charges of domestic violence are taken very seriously—and not without reason. If you are convicted of behaving violently or abusively toward your spouse or partner, there could be some extreme criminal penalties, changing your life forever. However, no matter how grim the charges, everyone has the right to a fair trial and a robust defense—and if you’re innocent of the charges brought before you, that makes it all the more urgent for you to hire an attorney to fight the case for you.

The best way to mount a vigorous case and clear your name is to work with a domestic violence lawyer who specializes in playing defense. Find your defense domestic violence lawyer today.

What to Expect from a Defense Domestic Abuse Lawyer

The first thing you should know is this: If somebody reports you for domestic violence or abuse, and if there is any probable cause whatsoever, you may be arrested without a warrant. You’ll be taken to jail to await trial, and while you may be let out on bail, the bail amount will probably be pretty high. (That’s typically the case when the charges are criminal in nature.)

Even if you are released on bail, you’ll likely have some legal restrictions against returning home or seeing your partner and/or kids—all of which can sting and can cause real worry.

A lawyer for domestic violence cases can help you through all of these difficulties, however. Specifically, a domestic abuse lawyer can:

  • Help you get those protective orders lifted

  • Immediately begin gathering evidence to fight the allegations

  • Find witnesses who will provide courtroom testimony on your behalf

  • Question your accuser and identify lapses or inconsistencies in their story

  • Help you develop the right legal strategy and ultimately enter the correct plea

Finding the Right Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges

As you can tell, a lawyer for domestic violence cases can really be invaluable to you as you try to clear your name and avoid severe criminal penalties. However, it’s important to note that not all domestic violence defense attorneys are created equal, and you don’t necessarily want to go with the first firm you come across.

Yes, you’ll probably feel a lot of pressure to find a lawyer and start building a case right away— but make sure you allow yourself some room for due diligence. You can start by asking your potential defense attorney these key questions.

  1. What kind of experience do you have with domestic violence cases in the area? You want to find an attorney who has successfully defended those accused of domestic abuse, and you especially want to find an attorney who knows the local laws and local legal scene intimately.

  2. What will it cost? It’s hard to put a price on having your name cleared, of course, but even so, it’s always wise to verify all legal fees and expenses upfront.

  3. What kind of outcomes are on the table? No, your attorney cannot predict the future, and you shouldn’t expect them to provide a definitive answer. However, you should seek an attorney who can walk you through a range of reasonable possibilities.

  4. How will we communicate? Make sure you know how you can get in touch with your defense attorney while your case is pending.

Choosing a Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Cases

You don’t want to fight something as serious as a domestic abuse charge on your own. Make sure you enlist the services of a skilled attorney who knows this field of law inside and out—and if you’re in Austin, that means choosing Davis-Jones Law.

We are a team of criminal domestic violence lawyers proudly serving Austin, and we are standing ready to serve as your criminal defense attorney. To speak with a domestic violence lawyer from our firm or to ask us more about our experience in domestic violence court, reach out to Davis-Jones today.