Marijuana - Don't Smoke On Campus Or You Could Lose Federal Funds

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 27, 2018

Although marijuana is becoming more common on college grounds around the country, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal. As a result, doing the things your peers do may end up causing you a lot of trouble with the law.

Marijuana use has reached a high among college students thanks in part to the legalization of the drug in several states. In states where it isn’t legal, like in Texas, no one should be using it without a prescription for medical marijuana.

How Common Is Marijuana on Campuses?

It’s believed that around 1 in 17 students smoke marijuana 20 times or more monthly. In March 2015, a poll noted that the majority of Americans were in support of the legalization of marijuana. Interestingly, marijuana is not legal on any campus, even if it’s medical marijuana. Federally, marijuana is illegal no matter what form it’s in, and that means that smoking on campus could result in losing your right to federal funding for your education.

What Should You Do if You’re Caught with Marijuana on Campus?

If this is your first time caught with drugs, you may face penalties through the school administration, campus police or through the courts. Depending on the situation, you may not end up facing charges through the traditional court system. Instead, the campus may handle a penalty directly. Some people face penalties on and off campus, which means it’s vital to have a strong defense. Marijuana charges can result in convictions that make it hard to find work, get funding for school or even to complete your school program.

Your attorney can talk to you more about what to do if you’ve been caught with marijuana on campus. Every person’s situation is different and requires a fresh review by a professional as soon as possible.