One Bad Decision Can Lead to Expulsion from School

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 3, 2020

Every year, tens of thousands of violent altercations take place on our country's college campuses (often in, or just outside, bars and pubs). The prevalence of fighting stems, in no small part, from the circumstances of campus life. Alcohol, drugs, hormones and anxiety mix together and lead many students to make rash — and sometimes dangerous — decisions.

Unfortunately, such decisions can have long-lasting consequences. Too often, college students find that, after an unruly night out, the futures they'd been planning are suddenly out of reach. Individuals convicted of violent crimes face imprisonment and substantial court fines. Moreover, any financial aid or scholarships they receive may be revoked, and, in many cases, expulsion is a distinct possibility.

We can help. At Davis-Jones Law, we have more than a decade of experience helping students avoid legal repercussions that can threaten their futures. With offices in Austin, we serve throughout central Texas. Our firm offers free initial consultations, so that a lawyer can assess your situation and inform you of the likely outcomes before you're obliged to pay.

What If It Was Just A Bar Fight?

If charges are pressed after a bar fight, it is likely that the offense will be treated as a simple assault — that is, an incident wherein an individual knowingly, intentionally or recklessly caused bodily harm to someone else. Typically, these cases are treated as misdemeanors. Nevertheless, the penalties will be cut to fit the severity of the crime.

If you caused a serious injury, you may face Class A misdemeanor charges, which can carry up to a year in prison and $4,000 in fines as a punishment. If you merely threatened someone verbally, you will likely face Class C misdemeanor charges, which carry a maximum penalty of a $500 fine.

Nevertheless, in certain scenarios — if you were in a fight with a public servant, for instance — you may face charges of third-degree felony, which result in extremely stringent punishments.

Protecting Your Record And Your Rights

No matter the scenario, in order to safeguard your academic standing, it is essential to retain an attorney who knows how to present your case.

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