The Physical And Criminal Dangers Of Marijuana Edibles

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 27, 2018

There are all sorts of ways to consume different drug types. When it comes to marijuana, the most common consumption method is smoking. However, eating marijuana is quickly becoming more popular. Edibles can be extremely dangerous and those caught with them may face a number of serious criminal consequences.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are food items that contain the drug marijuana. Making edibles is really easy to do and just about any food type will work. Brownies containing marijuana are the most common form of edibles. However, as more states continue to legalize the drug, new types of edibles are introduced all the time. Other forms of edibles include:

  • Cookies

  • Bread

  • Butter

  • Infused cooking oils

What’s Worse, Smoking or Eating Marijuana?

Both can have negative side effects, but eating marijuana is thought to be more dangerous. This is because:

  • It takes longer to work so larger amounts of the drug may be ingested

  • It may interact with other medications in the body

  • Overdose symptoms have the potential of being more severe

Side Effects of Using Pot Edibles

There are many negative side effects of using marijuana edibles. The most common include hallucinations, impaired motor function, panic attacks and psychotic episodes — among others.

How Prevalent Is Marijuana Edible Usage?

In states where marijuana is a legalized drug, 40 percent of high school seniors reported using the drug in edible form. In states where this drug is still illegal, like Texas, the number is still relatively high, coming in at 26 percent for the same age group.

Consequences for Possessing Edibles

Texas laws do not take marijuana usage or possession lightly. Those accused of possessing edibles will possibly be looking at felony level charges. A conviction of a felony could result in one having to spend time in prison and pay pretty steep fines.

How Can I Fight Criminal Charges of Edibles Possession?

Various defense strategies may be utilized to fight edibles possession charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to review the details of your case and perform a quick and thorough investigation by looking at any evidence offered against you. In doing these things, your legal representative can help you choose a course of action that will help you achieve the best outcome possible.