Police Pursue DWI Offenders Aggressively

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 3, 2020

In Austin and some of its surrounding communities, lots of state and federal funding is dedicated to fighting drunk driving. Law enforcement officials often hold "no refusal weekends" or other campaigns in an effort to crack down on DWI and secure more arrests.

However, if you have been stopped on suspicion of DWI, or even arrested, you have a right to vigorous representation from a criminal defense attorney. At Davis-Jones Law, we represent people who have been accused of drunk driving, helping them ensure that their rights are secured and the evidence brought against them is fair and accurate.

Challenging Breathalyzer And Blood Tests

Prosecutors frequently rely on evidence of an individual's blood alcohol content (BAC) when trying to prove that he or she was driving while intoxicated. This evidence may come from blood, breath or urine tests performed at the scene of a traffic stop or after an arrest. But it may not always be accurate.

There are many ways to challenge these test results, which may include investigating:

  • Whether the officer acted properly in obtaining the evidence

  • Whether the equipment used was reliable

  • Whether the equipment was calibrated correctly

  • Whether the person conducting the test did so properly and had proper training

  • Whether the "chain of custody" of the evidence remained intact

  • Whether the evidence could have been manipulated or tampered with

At Davis-Jones Law, we are familiar with the strategies that prosecutors use to try DWI cases. We are equally familiar with what it takes to succeed. Since we opened our doors in 2002, we have successfully represented hundreds of people facing allegations of drunk driving.

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