Study Drugs Aren't A Good Solution For College Students

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 27, 2018

Keeping up with school work is a big priority for college students. When you add in trying to still have a social life and working to earn an income, you might find that you don’t have enough hours in the day. Some students turn to study drugs to help them stay awake and focus. This isn’t a good idea from a health or legal standpoint.

The University of Texas at Austin takes the use of all illegal drugs seriously. It is imperative that students turn to legal ways to help them study instead of trying to skirt around the law. Here are some points to remember about these drugs:

Study Drugs Are Stimulants

Many medications that are written for valid medical conditions are actually stimulants. These include ones for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, narcolepsy and weight loss. When used in the proper manner by the patient to whom they are prescribed, they can help to manage these conditions. People have found that using them enables alertness for longer periods of time, which is why students are pulled to them. They make it possible to “pull an all nighter” or not have to sleep as much.

Legal Drugs Used for An Illegal Purposes

Unless you are the person who is prescribed the medication, it is illegal for you to use study drugs. You can’t give another person your prescriptions either. Being caught with a prescription drug that isn’t yours or giving another person your prescriptions can lead to criminal charges that might impact your ability to receive financial aid and continue with your studies.

More than Just a Legal Issue

Your health can suffer when you are taking study drugs that aren’t prescribed to you. Many of these drugs are addictive, so you run the risk of becoming dependent upon them. Your blood pressure and heart rate might increase, which can lead to a medical emergency. You may become anxious, paranoid, nervous, restless or dizzy. Impotence, constipation, insomnia and dry mouth might also occur.

It is always best to use natural methods for studying. The University of Texas at Austin has help available for students who need it. If you succumbed to the lure of study drugs and are facing a criminal case now, you should find out what options you have for handling the matter. You future could depend on your choices.