Three Potential Defenses To Drug Trafficking Charges In Texas

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 27, 2018

Getting accused of a drug trafficking crime in Texas is serious. The crime is generally considered a felony which means the penalties associated with a conviction are harsh. Potential penalties can include fines reaching the hundreds of thousands of dollars and prison time.

What Should I Do if I or A Loved One Is Accused of Drug Distribution?

First, it is important to realize that you are not alone. Next, it is important to know that you can fight back; the charges have not yet become a conviction and defenses to these allegations are available.

The exact defense strategy will vary depending on the situation, but some of the more common examples for defense strategies to charges like this in Texas include:

  • Lack of knowledge. Essentially, in order to be found guilty of this crime the individual charged with drug trafficking must be aware that he or she was transporting an illegal substance. If the person was unaware, the charge may not survive.

  • Duress. This legal term basically means that the person transporting the substance was under extreme pressure to do so. This form of defense could involve a threat by another person. Examples could be bodily harm to the driver himself or a loved one if the task is not completed.

  • Not meant for consumption. In some cases, the substance that is being transported may not be designed for human consumption. This could possibly include hemp used to make various materials like rope.

These three defenses are designed to provide an example of the possible strategies that could work for a given case. Every case is unique. As a result, those who are facing drug distribution charges are wise to seek legal counsel. Your attorney can review the details of the charges and help craft a defense to meet your needs, better ensuring a more favorable outcome.