Violence Attorney Help For Victims Of Domestic Violence During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Davis-Jones Law June 10, 2020

All of us have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the attending requirements to quarantine in our homes. While stay-at-home guidelines have adversely affected different people in different ways, they have been truly brutal on those who live with an abuser, under the constant threat of domestic violence.

Is there any hope for those who have been truly trapped at home with violent offenders? And are there any avenues where justice and protection might be pursued?

One answer is to meet with a violence attorney, something that can be done via a Skype call or Zoom meeting. In addition, consider the following resources.

Resources for Those Faced with Domestic Violence During COVID-19

1) Make sure you have a safety plan in place.

Victims of domestic abuse should always have safety plans, which they can use to minimize their risk. During the quarantine, it may be necessary to amend the normal safety plan to reflect new realities.

Ideally, you’ll make your safety plan in conjunction with an abuse advocate or a violent crime lawyer, who can walk you through some specific steps to include. You can also use the Web to find examples and best practices for your own safety plan.

2) Stay connected to your support system.

Hopefully, you have plenty of people in your life who love you and want to help you stay safe. During quarantine (and beyond), stay in touch with these people as often as you can, using FaceTime, Skype, and other channels.

Regular communication with your support system can help you maintain some clarity and much-needed encouragement. And you can ask your support network to participate in your safety plan (e.g., “if you haven’t heard from me in X amount of days, please send help”).

3) Know that there are places you can turn for help.

When faced with a domestic abuse situation, you can feel terribly alone.

But please remember: There are places you can turn for help, including a National Domestic Violence Hotline where you can talk with someone at any time. In emergency situations, you also have the option of calling 911. If you do seek legal protection, make sure you have a violent crimes attorney, too. (More on this in a moment.)

Finally, note that there are several shelters and victim support services in Austin and the surrounding area.

4) Hire a violent crimes attorney.

Taking legal action against an abuser can be impossible, especially when you’re all alone.

But you don’t have to be alone; a violent crime lawyer can represent you, guide you through your legal options, and help connect you with services that will keep you safe and also help you see justice served.

A violent crimes attorney is experienced in protecting their clients and getting them out of harm’s way. Davis-Jones Law is one of the leading violent crimes law firms in the Austin area, and we welcome your call at any time. We are ready to help you take the first steps toward safety and justice.

Get the Help You Need

The pandemic era has been particularly challenging for those who live with abusers and violent offenders. Thankfully, nobody has to endure these hardships on their own. Help is available, and a good way to find it is by hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney.

Davis-Jones Law has ample experience working in this field, and we are here to provide clients with compassionate advocacy. Reach out to our firm anytime you need us.