What To Ask Your Sexual Assault Attorney

Davis-Jones Law Jan. 7, 2019

Being accused of a sexual crime is serious business. As we’ve seen over the past few years, allegations of assault are taken exceedingly seriously—and being convicted of a sex crime can ruin your reputation forever, regardless of whether or not the allegations are even true.

It’s essential that, if you are ever accused of sexual assault, you seek an attorney who can protect your right to a fair trial, and also help contain any damage to your reputation. In interviewing sexual assault attorneys, it’s important to do your due diligence, ask all the right questions, and ultimately select a lawyer who is a good fit for your case. To do so, we recommend asking these questions, in particular.

Questions for Your Sexual Assault Lawyer

Is your firm focused on criminal defense law?

Guiding a client through sexual assault cases can be incredibly challenging, and it’s important to work with a lawyer who has some experience. There’s nothing wrong with law firms that perform a wide range of services, and try to be all things to all people—but when it comes to seeking a sexual assault defense lawyer, you probably want to find a specialist.

How long have you been a sexual assault lawyer?

Again, you really want to find someone who has ample experience working with those accused of sexual misconduct—so don’t hesitate to ask your attorney about his or her experience level.

How often do your cases go to trial?

It’s often most advantageous to settle your trial out of court, which can help you to keep your record clean and to minimize the damages you have to pay. Always ask a potential sexual assault lawyer how often they are able to resolve their clients’ cases without the need for a trial.

How many lawyers will be working on my case, and who will be my main point of contact?

Going through a sexual assault case can be challenging, and you may have moments where you really need to get some reassurance from your lawyer. Always know who’s really working for you, and who you can reach out to in a time of crisis.

What’s your philosophy for dealing with sexual assault cases?

Ask your lawyer to explain his or her process for handling cases like yours, and simply consider whether it’s an approach that aligns with your own personality. If your attorney’s methods make you feel uncomfortable, that’s reason enough to look for representation elsewhere.

How often will we communicate?

Set clear standards for when and how you and your attorney will touch base.

What information do you need from me?

Your lawyer will likely want to ask you some questions about your criminal history and about the circumstances surrounding the allegations; it’s always helpful to ask in advance what kind of information you’ll be asked to supply.

What can be done to contain damage to my reputation?

In cases that involve sexual crimes, you always want to think about the long-term impact to your name and reputation. Ask your attorney for his or her thoughts.

How much will this cost?

Finally, it’s always wise to ask how much the lawyer is going to cost you, and how/when the attorney will need to be paid.

Find a Sexual Assault Attorney Who Will Put Your Interests First

When you are accused of sexual assault, it’s always important to seek an attorney who can champion your case and put your interests first. These questions can help you find that attorney. To ask us about our services in criminal defense, reach out to Davis-Jones Law today.