What Can You Expect From Your Drug Attorney?

Davis-Jones Law Jan. 19, 2020

Being charged with any sort of criminal offense is intimidating, to say the least. That’s particularly true when it comes to drug-related offenses. The long-term repercussions of a drug charge can be severe, and you’ll naturally want to do anything and everything in your power to have those charges either minimized or dismissed.

This will require you to hire a drug defense attorney, someone who knows local laws and legal systems and has the experience needed to mount an effective case on your behalf. But what should you expect from the initial consultation with your drug crime lawyer? Here are a few basic pointers.

What to Expect from a Drug Charge Attorney

Setting a Consultation

The first step in the process is making an appointment for a consultation; this is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email to the firm of your choice. Most of the time, your drug attorney will be accessible around the clock, and able to schedule a consultation with you in a matter of mere days.

You may be asked to share just a few basic details of the charges brought against you. Don’t be intimidated by this; remember, the attorney wants to be on your side!

Deliver the Necessary Information

When you arrive for your initial meeting with the drug crime lawyer, it’s important that you bring any paperwork or documentation that you have. Often, the court system will give you paperwork to show the specific nature of the charges. If you have this paperwork, it can be helpful to bring it to the lawyer.

If nothing else, make sure you provide your attorney with documentation about when your first court appearance is scheduled. This is critical for the lawyer to know when and where the defense is needed; your attorney will count on you to provide this information.

Write Down Your Story

When you first meet with your drug charge lawyer, you’ll be asked to recount the story of your arrest, as best you can remember it.

This can sometimes feel stressful or emotional, yet it’s important that you be as clear and as detailed as possible. As such, it may be prudent to try writing down your version of the events before your consultation.

Bring your written account to the first meeting with your drug attorney and use it to guide you and jog your memory throughout the conversation.

At the Consultation

When you first sit down with your drug defense attorney, it’s perfectly natural to feel trepidatious. However, your lawyer will do anything they can to help you feel at ease. Indeed, a good law firm will provide you with a comfortable, confidential, and tranquil environment in which to tell your story and ask any questions that come to mind.

It’s important to remember that the lawyer you choose is on your side and wants to help you however possible… so don’t hesitate to be clear, candid, and forthcoming with them.

Hiring a Lawyer

At the end of the consultation, you’ll have the option of retaining the services of your attorney, ensuring that they represent you in court. You are not required to do this, if you want to keep shopping for lawyers, but sooner or later it’s important to settle on someone who can lend you their legal expertise.

If you’re ready to speak with a drug lawyer in the Austin area, contact us at your next convenience. The Davis-Jones Law Firm is here to help you navigate the complexities of a drug arrest and any related charges. Contact us today to set up a consultation.