Why Do You Need A Professional Burglary Defense Attorney

Davis-Jones Law July 10, 2019

Being accused of burglary is serious business; if convicted, you could face steep criminal penalties, including jail time and a blot on your record. The good news is that those who have been accused of robbery have the right to a fair trial, and there are several potential defenses that can be mounted on their behalf. What’s critical is locating the best Austin burglary defense attorney to make the case on your behalf.

Davis-Jones Law is an established practice with a robust track record defending those accused of robbery, drug possession, and more. When you enlist the help of our seasoned law team, you can gain access to the best defense to prove your innocence and avoid harsh sentencing.

What’s the Best Robber Defense?

As for some of the specific robber defense strategies that are available, here are some examples.

Alleging Innocence

The simplest and often the best defense is innocence—that is, arguing that you didn’t commit the burglary at all.

Remember that the prosecution has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were the person who committed the robbery in question. A good violent crime lawyer will know how to implant doubts in the mind of the judge or jurists, making them wonder if there’s a reasonable chance you weren’t the one who committed the act.

This can be accomplished in various ways—by presenting an alibi, by casting doubt on the scientific validity of the evidence offered, etc.

Arguing That What Happened Wasn’t a Crime

Another form of defense is to argue that the case isn’t exactly what it seems. For example, your lawyer might argue that you actually had permission from the property owner to be there— thus, you did not commit a breaking and entering crime.

If you can argue that you had consent to enter the property, and that the owner of that property never revoked their consent, you can sometimes have the burglary charges called into question.

Lack of Intent

A burglary conviction hinges on intent: If you didn’t have the intent to commit a crime, you can’t be penalized for burglary. This often comes up if you were voluntarily intoxicated at the time of the crime, and thus unable to formulate intent.

This argument may result in some different charges, but they will surely be less harsh than if you were convicted of burglary.


One final argument your violent crime lawyer can mount for you is that you were entrapped— that is, that someone convinced you to commit the crime, and that their intention was for you to get caught.

Entrapment is very difficult to prove, but in some cases, it can be a valuable defense.

Get the Help You Need Fighting Burglary Charges

These are just some of the examples of how burglary charges can be beat, especially if you truly are innocent. With that said, these defenses can be tough to make, and presenting the wrong argument may jeopardize your case. That’s what makes it so important to be represented by a skilled attorney—someone with ample experience defending clients against robbery and burglary charges, as well as drug-related crime.

Davis-Jones Law has a long history of representing clients who face severe criminal accusations, including burglary. We are also a leading drug charge attorney in the Austin area. We are here to discuss the specifics of your burglary defense whenever you need us.

Reach out to our firm anytime you need a drug crime lawyer in Austin, an Austin violent crime lawyer, or an Austin robbery defense attorney.