Why Should You Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer In Austin

Davis-Jones Law May 15, 2019

Domestic violence charges are serious business—and if convicted of these charges, you could face severe criminal penalties, including ample time spent in jail. Because of this, it’s always best to hire a domestic violence lawyer to uphold your rights, defend your case, and seek the optimal legal outcome.

This is true whether you’re ultimately innocent and seeking exoneration or are guilty but wish to reduce your penalties as much as possible. In this post, we’ll offer just a few of the primary reasons to hire a domestic violence lawyer. Note that, if you need a robust legal defense in the Austin area, Davis-Jones Law Firm is here to work with you on your case.

A Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You—Even if You’re Guilty

You may know that you are guilty of the crimes with which you have been charged, and you may plan to plead as much—but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a legal defense.

A good domestic violence defense attorney can often help you plead in such a way that reduces your sentence or guide you toward a “deal” that helps minimize your jail time. This is something that’s achieved largely through good relationships with the prosecution, which means it’s not something you can hope for if you try to defend yourself.

Your Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Provide Emotional Support

To be clear, your attorney is not a therapist, and his or her job is not to help you sort through your feelings.

With that said, going through any kind of criminal trial can be harrowing, and you may find it challenging to endure the intense emotions of the trial process. One thing that can help is knowing that you have a skilled attorney mounting the best possible defense—freeing you to focus on your own mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Result in a Stronger Case

The court will always take domestic abuse charges seriously, and defending yourself against them can feel like an uphill battle. With that said, it is certainly possible to make a strong case and end up exonerated—something an attorney can help you with.

Building your case will mean collecting the right information and evidence, which may sometimes include eyewitness testimonies. Witnesses can often be scared to come forward and share their side of the story, but having a skilled attorney in your corner can help witnesses feel more comfortable—ultimately giving you access to the information you need.

Mounting a Domestic Violence Defense Requires Understanding of Complex Laws

Perhaps the most basic reason to hire a lawyer is that the laws pertaining to domestic violence can be surprisingly complicated; for example, in some courts, you can be found guilty simply for making the plaintiff feel threatened.

Navigating legal complexities is something that requires intimate knowledge of state, local, and federal laws, as well as a track record of legal defense. In short, it requires you to work with a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney.

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