Will a Criminal Charge Threaten My Job?

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 4, 2020

In Texas, a criminal charge can jeopardize your ability to work. State licensing agencies have stringent rules concerning criminal activity, and, simply put, many individuals facing allegations find their professional licenses revoked.

Davis-Jones Law has developed a core competency in helping individuals maintain their careers. We offer assistance to individuals in a wide range of professions, including:

  • Accountants

  • Doctors

  • Lawyers

  • Nurses

  • Skilled laborers

  • Stockbrokers and securities traders

  • Teachers

  • Truckers and other professional drivers

Drawing on more than a decade of experience, we are adept at negotiating with opposing counsel, licensing agencies and labor unions to protect our clients' rights to work. Serving in Austin and throughout the region, we are prepared to offer legal support when individuals most need it.

Are There Crimes That Automatically Disqualify Me From Working?

Every industry has different rules with regard to suspending or revoking its practitioners' licenses. Typically, the punishments are stiffer if the offense bears directly on one's line of work, and if there is an inherent ability to individuals to repeat their misbehavior.

In the medical industry, for example, charges stemming from drugs and alcohol are considered with the utmost seriousness. Not only do the related crimes cast doubt on one's judgment, but doctors and nurses have easy access to narcotics and other drugs, making the likelihood of repeat offenses quite high.

On a similar basis, skilled laborers — plumbers, electricians and others who work in peoples' homes — face serious consequences if they're charged with theft or related crimes. Likewise, teachers and day care supervisors are severely penalized in the wake of assault allegations.

It is important to find an attorney who understands the licensing requirements of your profession, and who can present the strongest possible case to the necessary authorities.

If I'm In School, Will A Criminal Charge Affect My Pursuit Of A Career?

Keeping a job in the wake of criminal charges can be difficult. Finding a job in the first place can, if you have a criminal record, be harder still.

The professional market is competitive, and any documented arrests may end up disqualifying you from consideration with a given employer. Students rightly worry that their histories might serve as a hurdle to obtaining appropriate work.

In most cases, however, a criminal record will not automatically prevent you from finding employment in your chosen field. It is important, however, to understand the bylaws of whatever union or agency governs your industry. Moreover, if you feel you're facing discrimination as a result of your past, an attorney can intervene and advocate on your behalf with the relevant authorities.

Protecting Your Professional Aims

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