Will I Be Expelled?

Davis-Jones Law Aug. 4, 2020

College campuses in Austin and throughout central Texas are home to a wide range of crimes, from minor misdemeanors to serious offenses. Drug use, disorderly conduct and theft are incredibly common. Sex offenses and violent crimes occur less frequently, but there are still hundreds of such incidents each academic year.

Students and college applicants who face criminal allegations often wonder how such allegations affect their academic careers. At Davis-Jones Law, we've spent more than a decade working with students, parents and academic professionals in criminal matters. Drawing on our experience, we help our clients understand what to expect if they have been charged, and work hard to ensure they remain ontrack to achieve their personal and professional aims.

What Happens To My Financial Aid?

If you receive federal student aid — whether through grants, loans or a work-study program — a criminal conviction will likely result in its suspension. Drug offenses and sex crime convictions are treated especially harshly. Likewise, felony-level crimes, including serious DWI/DUI infractions, can also restrict your federal aid eligibility.

Moreover, many scholarships and student loans have "morality" or "good behavior clauses" written into them. Oftentimes, such agreements stipulate that a criminal conviction will automatically result in the revocation of financial benefits or gifts. As such, it is important to find a lawyer who can keep your record clean.

Will I Ever Be Eligible Again?

In a number of cases, individuals can have their eligibility for federal benefits reinstated. Usually this requires undergoing some form of correctional program. Drug offenders, for example, can sometimes regain eligibility if they complete an approved rehabilitation program or pass a series of unannounced drug tests.

Likewise, individuals on probation or parole, and those living in a halfway house, are also able to receive financial aid. And, while it is difficult for incarcerated individuals to obtain benefits, any restrictions on their eligibility typically disappear upon release.

Still, losing federal aid for any amount of time can severely jeopardize one's academic standing. Once one leaves school, a return is unlikely. With this in mind, finding an attorney who can protect you from the outset is essential.

Keep Your Academic Career On Track

To learn more about preventing the establishment of a criminal record, and retaining your rights to federal aid, reach out to our firm. We're based in Austin, and serve throughout the region. You can call us or contact us online. Initial consultations are always free.