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At Davis-Jones Law, we have a broad background assisting clients in virtually all types of criminal matters. We have a strong record of success helping them reach their goals and protect their rights.

Our practice focuses on criminal offenses like:

We defend people facing drunk driving charges in both criminal and administrative proceedings. We will do everything we can to protect your freedom, your driving privileges and your future.

A conviction relating to a property crime, like shoplifting or robbery, can make it difficult to move on with your life and secure employment. We have the experience and skill that it takes to present a strong defense and tell your story to the court in a convincing way.

Sex crimes like statutory rape, sexual assault and possession of child pornography are taken extremely seriously by the courts and the public. We handle these cases with dignity and discretion, helping our clients pursue the best possible outcome. We also assist those who have been convicted to change their status or seek removal from the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry.

Drug offenses are prosecuted heavily in Texas and even seemingly harmless infractions can come with severe penalties, including felony charges. We are well-versed in the evidentiary and constitutional issues inherent in these cases, and experienced in helping clients protect their interests.

A conviction of any violent crime can have widespread consequences, including unemployment, revocation of a professional license, loss of civil rights like freedom and privacy, fewer college or career choices, and a destroyed reputation.

Texas law defines domestic violence as any act between family members or dating partners that is intended to cause harm or a credible threat of harm. In our state, authorities treat such matters with the utmost seriousness and severity. These crimes are prosecuted vigorously, and guilty parties face serious penalties.

Student misbehavior can have extreme consequences. Individuals may face expulsion. Likewise, the establishment of a criminal record can jeopardize one's scholarship funding, student loans and eligibility for financial aid. It is not an overstatement to say that one's future is at stake.

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