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In their efforts to prevent sex offenses, Texas law enforcement officers are aggressive in their pursuit of supposed criminals. As technology has advanced, so have police tactics. In recent years it has become common practice for police to patrol chat rooms and other internet forums as they try to identify offenders. They also frequently conduct online "sting" operations, posing as minors and actively enticing older internet users to meet.

Yet the police are often overzealous. They have been found to make arrests with insufficient evidence, and in some cases entrap individuals into committing crimes.

When such situations arise, Davis-Jones Law can assist. Based in Austin, and serving throughout central Texas, we have more than a decade of experience protecting individuals charged with all manner of sex crimes. We can help you, too.

Protection Against A Full Array Of Internet Sex Offenses

Internet sex crimes are treated every bit as seriously as traditional sex offenses. Those convicted face consequences that can follow them throughout their entire lives. Many find it difficult to find a job or place to live. It is common for individuals to be shunned by their family, friends and communities.

Our firm works hard to protect the rights and reputations of the individuals we represent. We offer experienced, aggressive defense counsel for all types of charges, including:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Sending sexually explicit messages to minors
  • Using the internet to arrange to meet with a minor for sexual activity

Sex offenses are serious. To keep control of your legal outcomes, you need serious legal help. Our firm can provide it.

Legal Support At Crucial Moments

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