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At Davis-Jones Law, we have represented many people facing accusations of violent crimes — and treated each client with the care, attention and respect that he or she deserves. We have successfully handled cases involving allegations including:

  • Domestic violence — Accusations of domestic assault can affect your life, your future and your family. If you or someone you love is facing charges of family violence, attorney Kris Davis-Jones can help.
  • Assault — We respond quickly and aggressively to assault charges, building a strong, strategic defense to protect our clients' interests and pursue the best possible results.
  • Murder — We have defended people accused of manslaughter, homicide and attempted murder. A conviction on these charges can have extremely serious consequences, including long prison terms and, in some cases, capital punishment. It is of the utmost importance to work with a knowledgeable lawyer if you are facing such accusations.
  • Weapon-related crimes — Our firm represents individuals facing charges of crimes involving weapons, including unlawfully carrying weapons, carrying without a license, unlawful carrying by the license holder and unlawful transfer or purchase.

A conviction of any violent crime can have widespread consequences, including unemployment, revocation of a professional license, loss of civil rights like freedom and privacy, fewer college or career choices, and a destroyed reputation.

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