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Texas Is Not Lenient on Drug Possession

While attitudes surrounding the possession of drugs, particularly marijuana, are changing across the country, possession is still treated as a serious crime in the state of Texas. Possession of even a small amount of a controlled substance like certain forms of marijuana, cocaine or heroin can result in serious felony charges, which could entail prison time, steep fines, or other harsh penalties.

At Davis-Jones Law, we work hard every day to help people minimize the negative impact of drug charges. We have a strong history of success in getting charges reduced or dismissed, and we have assisted many clients in getting the help they need rather than ending up in jail.

Experienced Defense For Possession Of Prescription Drugs

While drug investigations have traditionally focused on "street drugs" like marijuana, cocaine and meth, law enforcement and prosecutors are focusing more and more effort and resources on prosecuting people who allegedly abuse prescription drugs, including valium, oxycontin, and hydrocodone.

Because these offenses may involve prescription fraud or theft, they are treated very seriously by the state. It is important to work with a criminal defense attorney experienced in drug crime cases to protect your interests.

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