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DWI: One Charge, Two Cases

Few things are more intimidating than being pulled over by a police officer who asks you if you’ve been drinking—especially if you have had a couple of drinks and worry that you won’t be able to pass a sobriety test. Being charged with a DUI or DWI can lead to severe criminal consequences, but everyone has the right to a robust defense—which is why it’s important to know a good Austin DWI attorney who can come to your aid.

Why a DWI is Really Two Cases in One

One important thing to know is that if you are charged with DWI, you are actually fighting two separate cases: a criminal case that can result in jail time and an administrative case that can lead to driver's license suspension. Each case has its own penalties, its own deadlines, and its own requirements. It can be challenging simply to keep these cases separate and missing even a single filing deadline can lead to the case being ruled against you. In such cases, the assistance of a professional DWI defense lawyer in Austin can make a big difference, helping you keep track of everything and ensure you’re making your case as vigorously as possible.

Kris Davis-Jones, a DUI defense lawyer experienced in DWI defense, can help you challenge both cases, do everything possible to save your license and minimize the consequences, and ensure that your rights are fully preserved. If you’re looking for a DWI attorney in Austin, Texas, our firm is here to represent you.

What to Do If Stopped For DWI

If you are stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in Texas, you are not obligated to answer the police officer's questions without an attorney present. You also have the right to refuse roadside tests as well as to refuse a breath or blood test. Note that roadside sobriety tests, or “field tests,” are easy to fail even if you’re 100 percent sober, and in no way do they provide an accurate measure of whether or not you’re intoxicated. As such, it’s generally advised that you decline these tests.

If you are stopped, tell the officer that you want a DUI or DWI defense lawyer in Austin present before answering any questions.

Then contact Davis-Jones Law in Austin. Attorney Kris Davis-Jones has extensive experience defending against accusations of DWI in Texas. Whether it is your first brush with the law, or you have been accused of multiple DWI offenses, you are entitled to dedicated representation on your behalf.

Contact a Knowledgeable DUI/DWI Lawyer in Austin

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In order to minimize the consequences of a drunk driving charge, it is best to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after you are arrested. At Davis-Jones Law, we will immediately begin negotiating with the prosecutor on your behalf while gathering evidence for a strong defense at trial. We will help ensure you’re being well represented in both your criminal and administrative case, and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Being convicted of a DUI is something that can disrupt your entire life and leave you with long-lasting legal consequences—but the good news is, everyone in the State of Texas is entitled to a fair trial. When you work with a DUI DWI lawyer, you can ensure the strongest case possible, and maximize the odds of having your name cleared.

To learn more or to hire an experienced DUI DWI attorney in Austin, Texas please contact us online or call Davis-Jones Law in Austin.