Very Helpful

Ms. Davis-Jones was very helpful in my case. I had made a mistake back in 2012 and Ms. Davis-Jones represented me on multiple occasions after I was not able to continue with the program I was in. She was always able to have the judge reissue the sentence, and came through when it mattered most, during the holiday season.

-Lance R.

Found Peace in Their Presence

I consider myself the silent type. The ones closest to me can attest that often I am a man of few words. I believe listening more than speaking will take you further in life. Based on my limited but meaningful interaction with Judge Baird and Kris Davis concerning my current legal challenges confirms both my lack of speech while challenging my vocabulary in expressing the peace I have found in their presence, experience, approach, and now counsel. If you find yourself in a compromising position and at a loss for words I recommend you let them do the talking.

-Jeremy P.

Great Attorney

Excellent customer service. Mrs. Kris Davis is a great attorney to hire!

-Maria G.

Knowledgeable and Highly Respected

I worked with Kris on a criminal case involving a False ID possession and a POCS charge. Kris worked very hard for me and was passionate about getting the best outcome for me. She is very knowledgeable and highly respected too which was critical in being able to negotiate a positive result.


Fantastic Representation

Ms. Jones provides fantastic representation. She’s always on point and very friendly. Very professional.

-Brandon P.

Exceptional Representation

Exceptional Representation. I was charged with a criminal case involving an off-duty police officer. The state was extremely aggressive with their prosecution. They were stubbornly unwilling to budge on a plea deal. Kris worked my case diligently during this time and when we had to go to trial she was prepared and professional. She worked every detail of the case, police report, dash cams, witness testimony. She listened to my story, thoroughly combed through the law, and provided an outstanding defense strategy which resulted in a Not Guilty verdict. She stood by me and believed in me and was willing to stand up against the system to get the truth out. I can't thank her enough!!! She is a Beacon of Justice!!

-Anita H.