No one goes looking for a lawyer

without a worry in their heart

At Davis-Jones law, We Understand.

People make mistakes. We’ve all been there and done things without thinking about the consequences. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve justice. Your freedom is on the line. Protecting your rights, your reputation, and your career is what we’re good at. Why go it alone when Davis-Jones Law can help?

Since 2002, our firm has provided assertive representation to individuals in Austin and throughout central Texas. We understand what's at stake in criminal matters, and work hard for our clients to assemble the strongest possible defense.



The Texas authorities are not lenient with criminal offenders. They seek harsh penalties. Even relatively minor offenses can lead to long terms of imprisonment and excessive fines; more serious violations carry more serious punishments. For individuals facing criminal charges, it is imperative to find an experienced attorney who will fight to protect their rights, their reputations and their freedom.

Our firm is thorough in its preparations. We examine every aspect of a case, from the initial arrest on through any related investigations and administrative proceedings. If a mistake has been made at any step, we will find it and leverage it to your advantage.

We are skilled in negotiating with opposing counsel to reduce the charges our clients face. Yet if the best outcomes can be achieved in the courtroom, we are always ready to provide a staunch defense. We know criminal law. We know the court system. We get results.

Defense lawyer Kris Davis-Jones has been advocating on behalf of defendants in Texas' criminal courts since 2002. In that time, she has gained extensive experience and earned the respect of clients, prosecutors and judges. The opposition knows that we will leave no stone unturned in your case. We are equipped to negotiate skilfully or try cases aggressively if it best protects your interests.

Our practice is supported by Tina Malone, a legal assistant with more than 20 years of experience in the field and more than 10 years at Davis-Jones Law. Tina helps take care of client needs, making sure our firm has the necessary documents for a successful, productive court appearance. She also manages the office's bookkeeping, conducts investigations and performs research on various factual and legal issues.