5 Reasons You Need To Hire The Best Austin DWI Lawyer

Davis-Jones Law March 2, 2020

Driving while intoxicated is serious business. If you’re found guilty of this behavior, it could lead to serious legal repercussions. Indeed, a DWI arrest can impact your reputation, your professional life, and beyond.

You have the right to a fair trial and a vigorous defense, and the best way forward may be to hire an Austin DWI lawyer. There are a number of reasons why we’d recommend you work with an Austin DWI attorney rather than representing yourself. We’ll outline a few of those reasons in the paragraphs that follow.

Why Hire an Austin DWI Attorney?

1) A DWI crime attorney can help you understand the potential outcomes.

What will happen to you at the end of your trial? Even the best lawyer won’t be able to predict the future, and it’s unreasonable to expect them to. With that said, a good attorney will be able to help you see some of the most likely outcomes, including your best bets for exoneration as well as the most likely penalties. As you try to set your expectations and prepare for best-case and worst-case scenarios, a legal expert can make an invaluable ally.

2) A DWI lawyer in Austin, TX will understand local laws and statutes.

Believe it or not, laws concerning drunk or intoxicated driving are anything but uniform. They can vary by state and even by county. Thus, as you work on a DWI defense, you’ll want to have a legal representative who knows the area and can speak to the particulars of local laws pretty well. Along the same lines, it’s good to have an attorney who knows the local court system and has good relationships with judges and prosecutors… all of which can come in handy if you decide to strike a deal.

3) A DWI crime attorney can advise on your best defenses.

What’s the best way to clear your name, or at least to minimize the severity of the charges being brought against you? There are a number of possible defenses for DWI cases, but only a seasoned DWI lawyer will know how to implement the best one. For example, you may be able to have the case thrown out due to improper police procedures, or a bad breathalyzer result. Make sure you work with a legal expert who can help you find the best avenue for arguing your innocence. (Or, for arguing the invalidity of the case.)

4) A DWI lawyer in Austin, TX can provide you with peace of mind.

One of the best reasons to hire an attorney is that it can provide you with some peace and clarity. Facing DWI charges can be daunting, and if you’re also trying to represent yourself, you may feel overwhelmed. But if you have someone else building a defense on your behalf, that may be just the assurance you need to get through a difficult time.

5) A DWI lawyer will advise on when to fight or when to plead guilty.

Finally, a DWI lawyer can provide you with a voice of reason, giving you an impartial recommendation about what’s really in your best interests… fighting the charges or seeking to have the consequences lessened through a guilty plea. Without legal guidance, it can be tough to know which of these options you should pursue

Hire a DWI Expert in Austin, TX

Don’t leave your DWI case up to fate. Instead, seek a skilled lawyer who can mount a vigorous defense. To speak with a team of DWI lawyers from Austin, contact Davis-Jones Law today.