7 Important Reasons To Hire A Violence Attorney

Davis-Jones Law March 10, 2020

If you’ve been accused of a violent crime, it’s perfectly natural to feel trepidatious. The best way to move forward is by hiring a domestic violence attorney who can be your advocate, seeking to have your charges either reduced or dropped altogether.

Violent charges are serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly; this is no time to try representing yourself before the court.

In this post, we’ll outline seven specific reasons why it’s vital to hire a violent crimes attorney to represent you.

Why Hire a Violent Crime Lawyer?

1) This counts as criminal prosecution.

There’s nothing light or unserious about domestic violence allegations. This is a criminal matter, which means the stakes are high and the potential consequences enormous. If you’re found guilty, the best-case scenario is that you pay significant financial penalties. Only a skilled attorney can help you handle the weightiness of these charges.

2) You’ll face formidable prosecution.

There is an extremely high likelihood that your accuser has already lawyered up, and the opposing attorney isn’t going to go easy on you. It’s important to have a violent crimes attorney who can fight for you and help mediate the attacks and charges that come your way. Don’t walk into this battle alone.

3) There’s a huge time commitment.

Facing violence charges isn’t something you can handle in an afternoon. It takes a lot of time to compile documentation, review records, and formulate a case. This is essentially a full-time job, and you’ll want to hire a violent crime lawyer who can do it for you. This will spare you from a lot of hassle and headaches in the long run.

4) You’ll need an investigation.

It’s not enough to have all the right paperwork in place. You’ll also need to mount an investigation of your own, tracking and compiling any evidence that can get your violence charges toned down or dropped. A skilled attorney will have the time, resources, and expertise to conduct such an investigation. It’s really not something you can do on your own.

5) Dealing with violent charges can be emotionally fraught.

It’s perfectly natural to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or dismayed by the charges brought against you… and by the possible sentencing. A good lawyer will help you deal with these emotions, offering the support you need. Again, this isn’t a scenario you want to enter into by yourself.

6) Your lawyer can talk to the police for you.

Law enforcement will want to talk to you about the charges, and frankly, they are looking for grounds on which to incriminate you. Talking to them on your own is a big mistake. Get an attorney who can represent you and put your best interests first.

7) A lawyer can guide you through potential outcomes.

It’s important to have a trusted ally to counsel you on when to fight, when to take an offer, and what the best- and worst-case outcomes really look like. Only a skilled legal professional can play this role.

Hire Criminal Defense in Austin

As you weigh the potential consequences of a violence charge, make sure you have a trained legal professional in your corner.

At Davis-Jones Law, we have ample experience representing those who have been accused of violent crimes. We proudly serve the Austin area, and are committed to robust representation for all of our clients.

To speak with us about the details of your case, or to find out more about mounting a defense, reach out to the Austin attorneys at Davis-Jones Law at your next opportunity.