How Can A Drug Attorney Help You

Davis-Jones Law April 8, 2020

Getting charged with any kind of criminal offense can be daunting; drug charges can be especially frightening, as the legal implications can be dire. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with those charges alone. A skilled drug attorney can provide you with robust legal representation.

We’d highly advise against representing yourself in a drug case. The stakes are too high, and the potential consequences too bleak. What’s more, a drug crime lawyer can provide you with a number of important services. They can help you in some ways that may surprise you. Here is a brief summary.

How Can a Drug Crime Lawyer Help You?

1) A drug lawyer can help you understand your charges and the potential penalties.

Just how serious are your charges? What’s the worst-case scenario, as far as penalty goes? Are you looking at jail time? Will this offense go on your permanent record? You may not readily know the answers to these questions, but an attorney who’s well-acquainted with local drug laws can guide you.

2) A drug defense attorney can provide you with valuable negotiation skills.

Sometimes, your best bet isn’t to portray yourself as innocent. Rather, you may wish to negotiate for a reduced sentence, getting off with the mildest possible penalty. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the most realistic outcome you should be seeking, and also work with the prosecution to help get you the best deal possible. Without intimate knowledge of the legal system and local prosecution, this can be exceedingly difficult; a truly experienced drug defense attorney is needed.

3) A drug charge attorney will have access to other resources.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to enlist the services of an outside investigator, who can look into some of the specific charges brought against you. For example, an investigator may be able to validate your alibi, or locate witnesses who can testify on your behalf. You may not be able to accomplish this, nor even find the right experts, on your own. A drug charge attorney will have strong relationships with these experts and be able to connect you with the resources you require.

4) Your lawyer can provide emotional and psychological support.

This may sound like a trifle, but actually, it’s quite important. Dealing with the pressure of criminal charges, along with the stress of developing a legal defense, can be hard on you. Your lawyer knows that and will offer you the encouragement and support you need. Plus, you can experience some peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by someone who really knows what they’re doing.

5) A drug lawyer will know the best way to mount a defense.

There are a number of ways to defend yourself against drug charges. For example, you may try to prove that evidence against you was obtained unlawfully, or that the police violated some other procedure that invalidates the case. Only a seasoned attorney will know all the defenses available and be able to select the one most likely to win the case for you. Again, this is an area where experience is everything; you’re unlikely to have much luck defending yourself on a DIY basis.

Find an Experienced Drug Charge Attorney

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