Your Career After A Domestic Violence Charge

Davis-Jones Law Nov. 23, 2018

Domestic violence convictions can affect your life in ways that you might not expect. One of these ways is your career. You may find that even if you haven’t been convicted, your career can be affected by merely receiving such a charge. These are very serious implications because they could result in the loss of your livelihood.

There are some careers that aren’t going to be affected, but many are entry-level or minimum wage jobs. People who have a professional license may find that they either face the loss of that license or are shunned by the industry.

Arrest, Charge or Conviction

There are three different types of actions that can occur with a domestic violence accusation — an arrest, a charge and a conviction. These aren’t handled in the same manner when it comes to employment. An employer can’t discriminate against you for an arrest because there isn’t an indication of the outcome. Typically, employers can’t discriminate because of a charge due to the concept that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If you are convicted, employers can use that conviction in making job-related decisions.

Job Category Matters

Some job categories automatically mean that you will face challenges if you are convicted of a domestic violence charge. If you work with children, for example, you will likely need to find a new job. People who have public service jobs and those that involve government funds might also have to reconsider their employment because domestic violence is considered a violent crime that is often forbidden in these positions.

Finding a Job with A Domestic Violence Case

It is a challenge to find a job when you have a domestic violence case. Most applications for employment have a question about criminal convictions. You have to answer honestly. One thing to remember is that a charge pending isn’t a conviction, so you could likely answer the question “no” if you haven’t been convicted. Make sure that you always answer the question truthfully because prevarication can lead to termination if you are offered a job.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you must familiarize yourself with legal steps to take. What unfolds can have a significant impact on your future.